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Webcast Agenda:

Tech M&A Market Report 

Who’s buying?  Who’s selling? What is your HealthTech company worth?

Luminary Panel

What is driving M&A and HealthTech innovation?

HealthTech Panelists:

Dana Allison- CEO, IM Your Doc

Bill Hennessey- CEO, Pratter

Anil Asnani- VP Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, LabCorp

Moderator: Jeff Bunting, Corum Group


Timing: The Most Important Factor in Tech M&A


Senior Vice President

Jeff Bunting


Bill Hennessey


Dana Allison


May 28, 2020


Join us on Thursday, May 28th for a Tech Market Spotlight Webcast focusing on HealthTech: emerging trends, Tech M&A activity and the drivers behind it. For CEOs of HealthTech companies, tune in to find out who's buying HealthTech companies, who's selling, and what your HealthTech company is worth should you consider going to market. Gain insights and perspective from industry experts and tech luminaries.

May 28, 2020

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