Buyer’s Corner with Jim Triandflou, CEO of Insight Software: What a Seller’s Market Does to a Buyer’s Plans

Insight Software CEO, Jim Triandiflou talks about the key feature his group always looks for when finding a potential acquisition targets, dealbreakers that stop deals in their tracks, plus how a seller’s market impacts the decisions buyers make.  

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Network Monitoring Software: Selling Fing with Domenico Crapanzano

Banker turned serial tech entrepreneur Domenico Crapanzano, shares how his experiences selling Fing, a network monitoring tool for IoT technology and how he had to focus a wealth of information and widespread R&D  to get the company ready for Tech M&A.

Technology Auditing/Monitoring: Selling NTP Software with Bruce Backa

Founder and former CEO/Chief Strategy Officer at NTP, Bruce Backa, talks about how logical thinking and math were driving factors for the selling of his company. And, why the best tech in the world won’t help you if the market passes you by.

SPAC Panel Discussion with Michael Bor of Carlotz and Matthew Ehrlichman of Porch

Michael Bor, co-founder and CEO of Carlotz and Matthew Ehrlichman, CEO, Chairman and founder of Porch discuss their successful experiences with Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), why they're trendy today, and how to prepare if you're thinking about going the SPAC route.

Real Estate Management and Communication Software: Selling SenEarthCo with Michael Egelston

Tech entrepreneur and former two-time mayor Michael Egelston talks about the transformation of the real estate market with the help of SenEarthCo's software services and how's realistic, objective market observation is critical in a successful exit.

Wireless Communications Tech: Selling ip.access with Richard Staveley

Guest Richard Staveley, CEO of ip.access (A Mavenir Company) and current SVP at Mavenir, talks about how his company shaped the future of wireless technology and how going with the right Tech M&A advisor made all the difference in the process.

Should You Sell Your Tech Company Now?

We talk to tech M&A experts Bruce Milne and Jon Scott about what CEOs of tech companies should be doing during the economic downturn--when to sell and when to wait.

Tech Trends Driving M&A

We talk to Executive Vice President of Corum Group, Tim Goddard about how the annual top tech trends came to be and why it matters in tech M&A.

2020 Seattle GXS Conference - Investors Panel: Greater Sum Ventures, Outlines Venture Group, Voyager Capital, Madrona Venture Group, Lighter Capital, and Women in Cloud

Executive Director of Client Services at Corum Group, Joel Espelien hosts a discussion with some of the biggest investors today covering the topics on everyone's minds.    

What does it really mean when investors say they are, "open for business?" What are they looking for with companies. And, what are they looking for in CEOs.


  • Vladimir Besprozvany, Greater Sum Ventures
  • Gillian Muessig, Outlines Venture Group
  • James Newell, Voyager Capital
  • Tim Porter, Madrona Venture Group
  • Vani Rao, Lighter Capital
  • Stacy Tatem, Women in Cloud

2020 Seattle GXS Conference - Buyers Panel: Salesforce, Pike Street Capital, Microsoft, F5 Networks, and Redfin

Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategies at Corum Group, Timothy Goddard hosts a roundtable discussion with buyers in tech M&A covering topics like: Product market fit; Positioning plans for 2021; Is there a good time to sell?; Benefits of always considering an exits; And, starting the dialogue early in tech M&A.


  • Peter Coffee, Salesforce
  • David Dandel, Pike Street Capital
  • Kunju Mehta, Microsoft
  • Brett Simon, F5 Networks
  • Ryan Sudeck, Redfin

2020 Seattle GXS Conference - Sellers Panel: Fully Managed, Rational, NurseGrid, Datalight, and KITT.AI

Executive Vice President of Corum Group, Daniel Bernstein leads a discussion with recent c-level executives who've made successful exits covering topics like:

  • Preparations for a successful exit;
  • Juggling personal and work like during M&A;
  • Selling to an international buyer;
  • What it's like to consolidate a team post acquisition;
  • What life is like for CEOs after exits; and more.


  • Joel Abramson, Fully Managed
  • Kahly Berg, Rational
  • Rob MacNaughton, NurseGrid
  • Kerri McConnell, Datalight
  • Xuchen Yao, KITT.AI

HealthTech and Covid-19: What's growing? What's the future? - Pratter and IMYourDoc

Guests Bill Hennessey, M.D., Founder and CEO of Pratter, Dana Allison, CEO of IMYourDoc, and Vice President of Corum Group, Jeff Bunting chat about what's happening in health tech now and what to expect going forward.

FinTech Roundtable - How the Sector Is Doing During the Midst of the Pandemic - AML Partners, LLC

We talk to Corum Group SVP Ivan Ruzic and CEO of AML Partners, LLC Frank Cummings about how businesses are shifting and growing in FinTech and regulations technology even during the pandemic, what clients are asking for right now, and more.

Seller's Corner - Andy Hill, Selling Oniqua to IBM

Andy Hill, CEO and co-founder of Oniqua shares his Tech M&A journey on how he took his personal project and grew it to a business he later sold to IBM.

Seller's Corner - Jon Scott, Serial Tech Entrepreneur: Selling The PowerTech Group

Corum Chairman, Jon Scott shares his tech M&A stories as a serial entrepreneur and what mistake he avoided that almost cost him the entire deal.

Seller's Corner - Jay Fiske, Third Time Is the Charm: Arreva Acquires Maestrosoft

We speak with Jay Fiske, co-founder and president of MaestroSoft, Inc. about his journey in tech M&A and how persistence and going with the right team helped him get the outcome he wanted.

Seller's Corner - Dr. Ivan Ruzic, Tech M&A in Two Months

We speak with Dr. Ivan Ruzic about his first-time journey through the tech M&A process, which only took two months! He shares what he learned, the landmines he faced, and what he would do differently if he could go back in time.

Seller's Corner - Kevin Kelly, Selling Up and Giving Back: Bow River Capital Acquires Altvia

Altvia CEO and Founder, Kevin Kelly speaks to us about what he learned, what was surprising, as well as what he did for his employees and community after his tech M&A transaction.

Seller's Corner - Allan Wilson, Learning to Take Control and Find a Successful Exit: Factory Logic sold to SAP

Thirty-year veteran tech CEO, Allan Wilson shares his first tech M&A experience: why it was a nightmare; what he learned; and how he went on to successful exits from lessons learned.

Seller's Corner - Paul Schaut, Business Scar Tissue He Wishes All CEOs Had: Modiv Media sold to Catalina Marketing

Eight-time CEO, Paul Schaut shares about his business "battle wounds" and how the scar tissue helped with the successful sale of Modiv Media.

Seller's Corner - Rob Griggs, Tech M&A Expert Voices What Made His Deal Successful: NetRadio Network Sold to Navarre Corp

On this episode of TechExits, Rob Griggs, CEO and Co-founder of NetRadio--one of the earliest audio streaming platforms online--shares the hard lessons he learned while selling his company to Navarre Corp.

Seller's Corner - Constance Anderson: MemberXP Acquired by CU Solutions Group

On this Seller’s Corner we welcome our first Woman CEO to the podcast! We are excited to chat with Constance Anderson who went from living on a cattle ranch to starting her own company, MemberXP. Constance, in pursuit of life balance sold her company to CU Solutions Group in 2019. In this episode she shares her experiences and life lessons of Tech M&A.

LA GXS Investors Panel: Will your strategy get funded? - Silicon Valley in Your Pocket, UCI Law, Expert DOJO, OPN, Dreamers VC

Jeff Bunting, VP at Corum Group, leads a discussion with investors centered around which strategies get funded and which get forgotten. Guests include speakers from Silicon Valley in Your Pocket, UCI Law, Expert DOJO, OPN, and Dreamers VC.

Seller's Corner - Martin Lowrie: AdSmart Corp. Acquired by Engage Technologies

Corum Senior Vice President Martin Lowrie, former fighter pilot turned tech entrepreneur, shares the trials and tribulations he went through during his tech M&A experience.

Seller's Corner - Best of 2020

Tech M&A is a journey and this past year we had a blast sharing those journeys with you! In this special edition of Seller’s Corner, we complied the best advice from CEOs we've interviewed in 2020. Grab a note pad, sit back and enjoy!

Seller's Corner - Teresa Chase: American Health Tech (AHT) Acquired by Heathland

Forty-year HealthTech veteran, Teresa Chase shares her instrumental role in the successful sale of American Health Tech and what is was like navigating her way through 20 interested buyers.

Sellers Corner: Moe Arnaiz and Mathieu Guilmineau

Moe Arnaiz and Mathieu Gulimineau discuss the successful sale of eMobus and how going through that process helped them navigate their new venture, Weeldi.

Women in Tech: Sellers Panel – Sue Abu-Hakima, Constance Anderson, Kim Finger, Teresa Chase

Tech M&A leaders discuss their unique experiences and difficulties as well as how mentorships helped them overcome their challenges to get to a successful exit.

Construction SaaS: Selling ExakTime with Tony Pappas

Tony Pappas of ExakTime shares how a home improvement project led to a chance meeting of a partner who, with Tony, would go on to develop an essential time management tool for the blue-collar industry, later resulting in a successful exit. We discuss why they eventually sold the company, how he knew he found the right buyers (strategics vs. PEs), and how an at-home chicken coop is helping him prepare for his next venture.