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The GXS Conference has gone virtual.  This conference will be broadcast live from Boston, but available to a worldwide audience.

The flagship WFS Tech Conference for CEOs, founders, and investors of software and IT companies, covering Tech M&A: investment, growth, strategy, buyouts, sales, and mergers.  Insights from: private equity, VC, angels, strategic buyers, M&A advisors, and CEOs who've had a successful exit.

2020 Top Ten Disruptive Tech Trends

Investors Panel: Will your strategy get funded?

Tech Valuation Metrics: What are you worth?

Buyers Panel: Do you have what they want?

Sellers Panel: Advice from CEOs who've sold.

Succession Planning: Selling during troubled times

GXS Boston 2020 Virtual

Jun 18, 2020


11:30 – 12:00
Login Grace Period

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Director of WFS: Matt Rung
Conference Chair: Martin Lowrie, Corum Group (Platinum Sponsor)

2020 Top Ten Disruptive Technology Trends: Will they put you out of business?
Tim Goddard, Corum Group

Investors Panel: Will your strategy get funded?
Lyndsay Kerwin, Vice President, Silversmith Capital Partners

Jim Andrew, Member, Walnut Ventures

Ziad Moukheiber, President and CEO, Boston Harbor Angels

Caitlin Bolnick, Investor, Open View

Laila Partridge, Managing Director, Techstars Accelerator

Moderator: Ivan Ruzic, Corum Group

Tech Valuations: What is your company worth?
Joel Espelien, Corum Group

1:55 – 2:05
Short Break

2:15 – 3:15
Buyers Panel: Do you have what they want?
Jon Lemelman, Partner, The Riverside Company

Scott Sidman, EVP Business and Corporate Development, Building Engines

Jeremy Segal, SVP of Corporate Development, Progress Software

Josh Randle, COO, I-Evolve

Deepak Sindwani, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Wavecrest Growth

Moderator: Arnaud Vivers, Corum Group

3:20 – 4:20
Sellers Panel: Advice from CEOs who’ve sold & how to prepare for an exit
Paul Schaut, CEO, Aginity

Jude McColgan, CEO, Localytics

Suzanne Oakley, CFO, Bedrock Data

Greg Raiz, Founder and CEO, RaizLabs

Stephen Baker, CEO and Board Member, Attivio

Moderator: Martin Lowrie, Corum Group

4:20 – 4:45
Succession Planning: Selling During Troubled Times
Bruce Milne, Corum Group


Wavecrest Growth

Deepak Sindwani

Co-Founder & Mng. Partner


Greg Raiz

Founder and CEO

Techstars Accelerator

Laila Partridge

Managing Director

New England CFO Strategies

Suzanne Oakley

Former CFO

Progress Software

Jeremy Segal

SVP of Corporate Development

Corum Group

Bruce Milne

Founder & CEO

Corum Group

Martin Lowrie

Senior Vice President

Corum Group

Arnaud Viviers

Senior Vice President


Stephanie Buckner

SVP Corp Dev

Boston Harbor Angels

Ziad Moukheiber

President and CEO

Building Engines

Scott Sidman

EVP Bus. & Corp Dev


Paul Schaut


The Riverside Company

Jon Lemelman


Corum Group

Timothy Goddard

Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategies

Walnut Ventures

Jim Andrew


Open View

Caitlin Bolnick



Jude McColgan


Silversmith Capital Partners

Lyndsay Kerwin

Vice President

Corum Group

Dr. Ivan Ruzic

Senior Vice President

Corum Group

Joel Espelien

Executive Director - Client Services


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