Growth & Exit Strategies: Women In Tech

Feb 25, 2021

Growth & Exit Strategies: Women In Tech

5:30 PM

11:00 PM

NYC Time


- M&A Market Update & 2021 Top 10 Disruptive Tech Trends

- Investors Panel: Build for Scale, Build for Sale

- Tech Valuation Metrics: What is your company worth & how do you get it?

- Buyers Panel: Do you have what they want?

- Sellers Panel: Advice from CEOs who've sold

- The Merger Experience



Sr. Managing Dir & Co-Head

René Yang Stewart


Rob Griggs


Sue Abu-Hakima


Tanya Marvin-Horowitz

Former CEO

Teresa Chase

Managing Partner

Vani Rao

Vice President, Valuation Services

Yasmin Khodamoradi

Former CEO

Kim Finger


Kirsten Porter

Managing Dir & Corp Dev

Krista Young


Kristin Fox

Dir. Growth Str. & Exe.

Kunju Mehta

Vice President

Lyndsay Kerwin


Matthew Rung

Founder & CEO

Nancy Lyons

CEO & Managing Director

Nancy Sullivan

Senior Vice President

Nina Seghatoleslami


Gillian Muessig

Chief Operating Officer

Gina Stanhope

Director Bus Dev

Jenna Sleefe

M&A Director, Corp Dev

Cassie Miao

Principal, Origination

Cheryl Strom

Former Principal & Founder

Constance Anderson



11:30 - 12:00

Pre-event, Virtual Meet and Greet (*via KumoSpace)

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Matt Rung, President WFS 

12:10 – 12:30
M&A Market Update & 2021 Top 10 Disruptive Tech Trends:

How trends drive strategic imperative and lead to successful exits

Gina Stanhope, Executive Vice President, Corum Group (Platinum Sponsor)

12:30 – 1:30
Investors Panel: Building for Scale & Building for Sale

Gillian Muessig, Managing Director, Outlines Venture Group  

Nancy Sullivan, CEO & Managing Director, Illinois Ventures  

Lyndsay Kerwin, Vice President, Silversmith Capital Partners  

Vani Rao, CFA Managing Partner, EdgeVenture Group

Tanya Marvin-Horowitz, Partner, Butterfly Ventures  

Moderator: Kristin Fox, Founder FoxInspires

1:30 – 1:45
Tech Valuation Metrics: What is your company worth & how do you get it?

Yasmin Khodamoradi, Director of Valuation Services, Corum Group

1:45 – 1:55
The Merger Experience & Short Break

2:00 – 3:15
Buyers Panel:
Do you have what they want?

Cheryl Strom, Principal, The Riverside Company

Kirsten Porter, Principal, Rubicon Technology Partners

Rene Yang Stewart, Snr Mng Dir & Co-Head - Endeavor Fund, Vista Equity Partners

Krista Young, Managing Director Corporate Development, Accenture

Kunju Mehta, Dir Growth Strategy & Execution – Azure, Microsoft

Cassie Miao, M&A Director – Corp Dev, Salesforce

Jenna Sleefe, Director Bus Dev, Francisco Partners

Moderator: Rob Griggs, President Corum Group

3:15 – 4:15
Sellers Panel: Advice from CEOs who’ve sold & how to prepare for an exit

Suhayya (Sue) Abu-Hakima, VP Genasys

Constance Anderson, former Principal & Founder, MemberXP

Nancy Lyons, Founder & CEO, Clockwork Interactive

Kim Finger, former CEO, CodeMetro

Teresa Chase, former CEO, American HealthTech

Moderator: Nina Seghatoleslami, SVP Corum Group

4:15 – 5:00

Closing Remarks & Virtual Happy Hour (*via KumoSpace)