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- M&A Market Update & 2021 Top 10 Disruptive Tech Trends

- Investors Panel: Build for Scale, Build for Sale

- Tech Valuation Metrics: What is your company worth & how do you get it?

- Buyers Panel: Do you have what they want?

- Sellers Panel: Advice from CEOs who've sold

- The Merger Experience

Growth & Exit Strategies: Women In Tech

Feb 25, 2021


11:30 - 12:00

Pre-event, Virtual Meet and Greet (*via KumoSpace)

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Matt Rung, President WFS 

12:10 – 12:30
M&A Market Update & 2021 Top 10 Disruptive Tech Trends:

How trends drive strategic imperative and lead to successful exits

Gina Stanhope, Executive Vice President, Corum Group (Platinum Sponsor)

12:30 – 1:30
Investors Panel: Building for Scale & Building for Sale

Gillian Muessig, Managing Director, Outlines Venture Group  

Nancy Sullivan, CEO & Managing Director, Illinois Ventures  

Lyndsay Kerwin, Vice President, Silversmith Capital Partners  

Vani Rao, CFA Managing Partner, EdgeVenture Group

Tanya Marvin-Horowitz, Partner, Butterfly Ventures  

Moderator: Kristin Fox, Founder FoxInspires

1:30 – 1:45
Tech Valuation Metrics: What is your company worth & how do you get it?

Yasmin Khodamoradi, Director of Valuation Services, Corum Group

1:45 – 1:55
The Merger Experience & Short Break

2:00 – 3:15
Buyers Panel:
Do you have what they want?

Cheryl Strom, Principal, The Riverside Company

Kirsten Porter, Principal, Rubicon Technology Partners

Rene Yang Stewart, Snr Mng Dir & Co-Head - Endeavor Fund, Vista Equity Partners

Krista Young, Managing Director Corporate Development, Accenture

Kunju Mehta, Dir Growth Strategy & Execution – Azure, Microsoft

Cassie Miao, M&A Director – Corp Dev, Salesforce

Jenna Sleefe, Director Bus Dev, Francisco Partners

Moderator: Rob Griggs, President Corum Group

3:15 – 4:15
Sellers Panel: Advice from CEOs who’ve sold & how to prepare for an exit

Suhayya (Sue) Abu-Hakima, VP Genasys

Constance Anderson, former Principal & Founder, MemberXP

Nancy Lyons, Founder & CEO, Clockwork Interactive

Kim Finger, former CEO, CodeMetro

Teresa Chase, former CEO, American HealthTech

Moderator: Nina Seghatoleslami, SVP Corum Group

4:15 – 5:00

Closing Remarks & Virtual Happy Hour (*via KumoSpace)



Cassie Miao

M&A Director, Corp Dev

Corum Group

Nina Seghatoleslami

Senior Vice President

Illinois Ventures

Nancy Sullivan

CEO & Managing Director

Microsoft (Azure)

Kunju Mehta

Dir. Growth Str. & Exe.

Corum Group

Rob Griggs



Constance Anderson

Former Principal & Founder

Endeavor Fund

René Yang Stewart

Sr. Managing Dir & Co-Head

Clockwork Interactive

Nancy Lyons

Founder & CEO

World Financial Symposiums

Matthew Rung


Butterfly Ventures

Tanya Marvin-Horowitz


Outlines Venture Group

Gillian Muessig



Kim Finger

Former CEO

Francisco Partners

Jenna Sleefe

Director Bus Dev

American HealthTech

Teresa Chase

Former CEO

EdgeVenture Group

Vani Rao

Managing Partner

Genasys, Alstari

Sue Abu-Hakima


Corum Group

Gina Stanhope

Chief Operating Officer


Krista Young

Managing Director Corporate Development

Silversmith Capital Partners

Lyndsay Kerwin

Vice President

Rubicon Technology Partners

Kirsten Porter


The Riverside Company

Cheryl Strom

Principal, Origination

Corum Group

Yasmin Khodamoradi

Vice President, Valuation Services

FoxInspires LLC

Kristin Fox



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