Trax is a world leader in computer vision solutions for retail. Trax offers best-in-class in-store execution tools, market measurement services and data science solutions that are fundamentally transforming how in-store retail data is being collected, viewed and analysed. With Trax, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers have improved product availability, reduced distribution gaps, identified category opportunities and increased their sales.
Trax has been chosen globally as a strategic partner by over 175 clients in over 50 countries. Some of the world's top brands such as Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Nestle, Henkel and P&G among others leverage Trax globally to increase efficiency and business growth. Trax is headquartered in Singapore with offices across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 10:00 am
Globally, online and offline shopping behaviors are fusing into a unified whole; tune in to hear how this trend of Composite Commerce is changing the...