Every day, QSR International helps over 1.5 million researchers, from professors to PhD students, to doctors, nurses, marketers, analysts and others to utilize Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) to uncover deeper insights contained within “human data”. These insights are obtained by analyzing data collected via social media, consumer and community feedback and other means. We give people the power to make better, defensible decisions and recommendations, by uncovering more insights in their area of exploration.

With an innovative suite of qualitative data analysis products, NVivo and Interpris, QSR’s software enables both structured numerical data and unstructured “human” data to be analyzed together, uncovering powerful insights unattainable only through quantitative data analysis. The insights the software helps unlock gives researchers worldwide the power to make more informed decisions that create growth, solve problems and improve lives. With benefits for individuals, teams, and organizations, QSR International unlocks data and research intelligence in ways that are otherwise impossible.

Headquartered in Australia, they maintain offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe.

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