Acquired by The Climate Corporation and Monsanto, 640 Labs is a precision farming platform that collects, analyzes and distributes data, effectively optimizing farming operations.

Farmers have proven to be willing adopters of technology if it provides value. Today, over 35% of all corn, wheat, and soybean farmers are using GPS auto-steered tractors to maximize yield. Now is the time to bring the power of analytics, mobile technologies and cloud computing to provide valuable insight and productivity improvements to farming.

640 Labs is creating an open data platform for agriculture that requires zero data entry on the part of the farmer. The machine data we collect is stored in the cloud, analyzed, and reported back to the farmer to give him insight into his farming operations. Current solutions suffer from being either closed platforms and/or they require significant data input. Every day petabytes of agriculture data is being lost because it isn’t being analyzed.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 10:00 am
Agriculture is undergoing a digital revolution. Barely existing a decade ago, now every week Agtech companies are getting founded, getting funded and...