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Tech M&A Master Class: Las Vegas

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You're a founder or CEO of a tech company. You've decided the time is ripe for pursuing a recapitalization, sale, or merger. But you're not familiar or experienced with the M&A process. So where do you go to learn and get the insights you need? The answer is the Tech M&A Master Class, a two-day/two-night seminar and interactive workshop held at the new Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel, covering all the must-knows of M&A for Tech CEOs and founders.

Produced by World Financial Symposiums, a recognized leader in educating technology executives, the Tech M&A Master Class is geared to give you the knowledge you need for M&A success. In the class, you’ll hear from a roster of highly experienced speakers ‒ all tech CEOs who have bought and sold companies. They are experts in navigating the M&A process and will share proven best practices and the most effective tools to prepare you for a successful M&A outcome.

The Tech M&A Master Class is the only in-person class that specifically covers tech M&A for software and IT company leaders. The content is comprehensive, practical, and current. Here are only some of the topics covered:

  • M&A Timing - The market and global factors that impact the timing of an M&A.

  • Preparation and Planning - The important steps in planning and preparing for a successful M&A process.

  • Case Study: Developing the Executive Summary - How to develop a clear, concise Executive Summary that highlights your company's value and gets attention from buyers.

  • Valuation Models & Workshop - The different methods and considerations in developing a company valuation, with hands on valuation exercises.

  • Partner Contact & Discovery - The ways to stimulate interest from multiple qualified buyers and create an auction environment that produces an optimal outcome.

  • Negotiation and Closing - Understanding the steps, tactics, and players involved in negotiating and closing an M&A deal.

  • Deal Structure - The various ways deals can be structured and things to understand about each of them.

  • Due Diligence - Best practices for navigating through due diligence and reaching a definitive agreement.

  • Integration - How to prepare and plan for integrating your company's resources, assets, and people into the buying company after the M&A process.

  • M&A Cautions - The things that kill deals and how to avoid them.

  • Understanding the AI Impact - The increasing influence AI is having on tech companies and the M&A market.

In addition, you'll receive a CEO worksheet, industry valuation metrics, go-to-market checklists, diligence preparation lists, deal structure workshop material, current market research, plus special bonus material on succession and estate planning tailored to owners of software and IT companies. In all, that amounts to over 300 pages of valuable content.

Beyond the knowledge gained in class, you will also benefit by interacting with other founders and CEOs attending the class ‒ both in the classroom and after class while enjoying the amenities of the new Fountainebleau Las Vegas. And, of course, attending a class in Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to mix business with pleasure, enjoying what the city has to offer.

Previous attendees shared feedback about their Tech M&A Master Class experience:

· Excellent forum of M&A experts sharing their experiences, and very good networking with persons all over the world.

· It was the first time in a while that I had about 20 contiguous hours to think about our future strategic steps. The materials you and your team produced were first class as were the sessions; very helpful and encouraging.

· Great show in Las Vegas and indeed time was very well spent. I think you mentioned more than a few upcoming online events, hopefully, I am already on the relevant mailing list(s) for this.

Upcoming Tech M&A Master Classes

September 17-19, 2024, Fontainebleau Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

November 12-14, 2024, Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Don't miss these opportunities to attend this one-of-a-kind event and gain the knowledge you need to attain an optimal sale of your software or IT company. For more information about these events and to register, visit

World Financial Symposiums

World Financial Symposiums (WFS) is an international organization dedicated to educating technology leaders on the current tech and financial landscape, helping them build strategies for growth and eventual exit. WFS brings together tech CEOs, founders, investors, strategic & financial buyers, accounting experts, law firms, and M&A experts from around the world - through conferences, webcasts, podcasts & digital media, facilitating idea sharing, global networking, and deal flow.

Founded by experts in management education in the software and IT industries, and supported by a top-tier faculty of presenters from around the globe, WFS has developed a true symposium, bringing tech and finance together.

For further information about WFS and upcoming events, see .

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