World Financial Symposiums is an international organization dedicated to educating technology leaders. Renowned as the pre-eminent networking facilitator, WFS organizes and promotes forums, seminars and conferences for CEOs, CFOs, corporate investors and other deal participants for software and IT industries worldwide, with the intent to educate and encourage deal flow among industry colleagues. Founded by experts in management education in the software and IT industries, and supported by a top-tier faculty of presenters from around the globe, WFS has developed a true symposium bringing together all elements of the financial and partnering community, including company leaders, venture capitalists, investment bankers, private equity firms, top law firms, accounting experts and M&A specialists.

WFS today offers annual management and leadership symposiums in both the United States and Europe. The firm’s one-day, flagship symposium, Growth and Exit Strategies for Software and IT Companiesis held in Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York and London throughout the year and the 30-minute Market Spotlight Series webcasts are held monthly.